Insights from Titus - Read. Write. Pray.
Christ's Compassion for our Kids

Christ’s Compassion for our Kids

I’m tired. The idea in my head is that I need to lay down and get a nap, so I try to do so while my boys are playing downstairs. Then I hear my oldest say, “Uh-oh, he peed!” My son, who has been doing…

5 Insights From Malachi - Read. Write. Pray.

5 Insights From Malachi – Read. Write. Pray.

Most recently, I’ve finished my Read. Write. Pray. journey with the book of Malachi. It’s a short book, only 4 chapters long, but it has a lot to say! If you don’t know what “Read. Write. Pray.” is, read my article about it. Right at…

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God spoke and I didn't want to listen

God Spoke and I Didn’t Want to Listen

He didn’t speak to me with an audible voice or anything like that, but this past week, God very clearly asked me to do something, and I really didn’t want to do it. As I was doing my Read. Write. Pray. he guided me in a…