God is Amazing!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while… We won’t be writing on a regular basis anymore, but I think we’ll still be posting occasionally.

The month of May has felt like a month of answered prayer for us! Our God is so good!

The first thing was our van being fixed. It had broken down and we thought it was the transmission. Turns out, it was the transmission filter… again. It was a much easier and cheaper fix, but our mechanic couldn’t find a reason for it to have clogged like it did; there was no evidence that it should have even been an issue. As for me, I think God took our transmission problems and clogged the filter with them so we could afford to fix our van. 😉

Then he supplied two orders for my Better Way Imports business! I was two weeks away from my free kit deadline, and had no prospects of meeting it. Then I got an unexpected call from a friend, asking if I could help her with a party she was doing. God provided enough for both of us to have a qualified order from that one party. And then he provided me with the stock I had on back order, and with enough other orders to get to where I needed to be to earn my free kit!! That was a huge blessing. Now I’m working towards my next goal, praying because once again, I have no idea how I’m going to achieve it without God working.

There were a couple more things that happened in answer to prayer. One was small, but meant a lot to me. And the other thing is still in the works, but I believe I see God working, and that gives me hope.

This month of answered prayer has given me more confidence in our God, who is faithful, and delights in giving good gifts to his children. We’re continuing to pray for provision, trusting that our loving Father will give us what we need.

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Kaylin Zimmerman

Christian, Wife, Mother, Tea Lover.

I am the proud mother of 4 precious boys, who I am home-schooling (with a little help from some virtual schools). I am also married to the most wonderful man on the planet.

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