Gods At War (Review)

What is the one commandment that many people believe they have never broken, but in reality they have broken this one the most?

You shall have no other gods before me.
Exodus 20:3

I know men tend to think about sex a lot, and Jesus even equated lust to adultery (Matthew 5:28), but adultery doesn’t even compare to the correct answer: idolatry. Each and every sin is a form of idolatry because every sin is caused by trying to serve something other than God, which, in the end, generally comes back to serving primarily yourself.

Gods at War, is a book by Kyle Idleman – most well-known for one of his other books: Not a Fan that brings our idols to light and asks the hard questions, forcing us to see those idols for what they truly are and giving you the tools and perspective you need to defeat the idols that battle for your heart.

Kyle doesn’t just denounce our actions as sinful, though; he also shows us how things that we’ve made into idols are actually blessings from God that we’ve distorted into sin. But they can be made right again!

If the gods of food, sex, money, or any other worldly idol have enslaved you, you will certainly find this a great resource for turning your mind away from your sin and fixing your eyes on Jesus. I’ve personally been going through this book with Kaylin and my men’s Bible study group at church and it has helped us all identify areas where we need growth through the Holy Spirit.

So, if you’re looking for spiritual growth, I highly recommend Gods at War. If you’re not looking for spiritual growth (not sure why you’re here honestly) then read it anyway, because you probably need it just as much or more than others.

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