What Do You Live For? – Galatians 1:10 Scripture Memory Song

Do you live for the world, or for God?

If you’re new here, each week we all learn about and memorize a Bible verse together. We’ve put the verse(s) into song to help you learn the verse and recall it during your day. If you’d like to see the archives of all the verses we’ve done so far, you can find our posts here and a list of all the YouTube videos here. We’ll also be giving a family update on what has happened in the past week.

Family Update

Another busy week, and next week will also be busy, but after that, I should have some more time opening up a bit. This week, to help deal with the lack of time, we’ll be putting up posts that are a little different: they’ll simply have a couple desktop background images with inspirational/Bible quotes on them that I created. Also, once again we’re taking advantage of an old Scripture Memory Song video that we haven’t posted on the site yet. This saves time because we don’t need to make new videos, but we’ve been able to start catching up on memorizing again, thankfully.

Last week, we got G signed up for swim lessons, and he’s very excited to start, and they start tomorrow (according to published date). I hope they go well and that he really enjoys them. I can’t wait to not need to hold all of our children above water so I can enjoy swimming myself! 🙂

Scripture Memory Song

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galatians 1:10 (ESV)


Paul is a great man that has dedicated his life to serving Christ, spreading the Gospel throughout much of the known world. I can only pray for the zeal and courage he had. As you can see in this passage, he didn’t care about what people thought; he only cared about doing God’s work. Of course, there were times when he let fear get the best of him – there’s a reason God told him to not be afraid in Acts 18:9 – but you don’t suffer what he suffered in Christ’s name without shedding that fear and pushing forward for the sake of Christ.

Lord, grant us all a zeal for you and your work and to put aside our love for this world and our desire to fit into it. Make us lights for you in this dark world! Amen.

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