Scripture Memory Songs

We have been making Youtube videos of Kaylin singing scripture verses. These songs have been created to help with memorization, especially for our young boys. Plus they help with keeping God’s Word on your mind because the songs might get stuck in your head! Below is the YouTube playlist that contains all of the scripture memory songs we’ve recorded and made into videos up to this point. They’re listed in the order they appear in our Bible.

Make sure to click the small icon at the top left of the video to pull up the list of videos in the playlist!

If you have any non-copyright tunes that you think might be better, let us know! We’re not professional composers or anything, so we’re not going to pretend like ours are the best. If we like your version, we’ll create a new video with it, give you credit for the tune, and link to your site if you have one. We can even create videos with a recording of your voice singing the tune if you prefer!

Finally, if you would like to request that we do a certain verse, reach out to us and we’ll add it to our backlog of verses to record.