Sent To Be The Savior – 1 John 4:14 Scripture Memory Song

Son of God, Savior of the World

If you’re new here, each week we all learn about and memorize a Bible verse together. We’ve put the verse(s) into song to help you learn the verse and recall it during your day. If you’d like to see the archives of all the verses we’ve done so far, you can find our posts here and a list of all the YouTube videos here. We’ll also be giving a family update on what has happened in the past week.

Family Update

This weekend has been busy. Joe had a men’s retreat focused around the Armor of God (Ephesians 6). I had some Better Way Imports events. Three out of four boys got very sick Saturday night which mean that our late Easter celebration with Joe’s family had to be postponed (again).

We’ve been feeling like we’re floundering in life. Things have been hectic. We’re trying to figure out what direction God is leading us in. Last Wednesday, Joe had his men’s study at church. They talked about fasting. When we were on our way home, he said that he wanted to do a fast – from food and technology, including the blog, so don’t necessarily expect any more posts this week – for a few days, so that hopefully we’d be better able to discern what direction God wants us to head in. This is amazing to me, because I’ve wanted to do this in the past, but the desire wasn’t shared by Joe. Now that we’re thinking the same about this, we’re going to take the next few days to do just that. Fasting and seeking God in his word and in prayer, separately and together. Keep us in your prayers this week! Thank you!

Scripture Memory Song

And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.
1 John 4:14 (ESV)


The apostle John (probably) writing this verse is one of the lucky few who got to witness Jesus Christ very personally. So when he says “we have seen and testify”, we should probably listen up. If what he saw in Jesus was just another man, he wouldn’t be testifying about this. He probably would have just went back to his old life and never would have had a reason even write this letter. But he did see Jesus, and he was no mere man. He was the Son of God, and he died and rose again to save us from our sins.

John saw Jesus, so we don't have to. We just need to have faith that Jesus really did save us. Click To Tweet

Since we know John saw him, and everything indicates that he is a virtuous man, we have no reason not to believe his testimony. All we need is some faith in Christ, and we receive his salvation.

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