Where do we Find Our Joy?

Where Do We Find Our Joy?

Where do we look for our joy? Too often, I believe we look to our circumstances for our happiness. When things go well, we can feel good. When we succeed we feel accomplished, when people treat us well, we’re happy and can respond back kindly….

Uncertainty in the New Year

Uncertainty In The New Year

I was getting comfortable with Joe having this part-time FedEx job. It was bringing in money, and though it wouldn’t really have been enough to cover our monthly expenses, it would’ve gotten us close. We were hoping that he would be kept on after the…

Believing is Seeing

Believing is Seeing

The boys and I were in the kitchen. I was getting them breakfast as I heard the sound of our front door opening and someone walking inside from the other room. I said to the boys, “Daddy’s home!” G replied to me, “It doesn’t look…

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