Know By Love

Known By Love

Living in a Christian culture, I’ve noticed something about it – We view sin as bad and following God as good, and we treat it as such. Which is good, until we start viewing people as their sin, and treating them as bad until we…

What Are You Saying to those Around You

What Are You Saying to Those Around You?

I haven’t done a Read.Write.Pray. post in a while. To be honest, I haven’t actually been doing any writing for a long time; but I’ve started back up again! I finally finished Hebrews, where I left off, and have written through a small New Testament…



Waiting is hard. I go through times where I’m content where we are, and then I go through times that I just want to know if the answer is yes or no because it’s easier than waiting. I’ve been feeling like we’re in a transition…

A Longing For Relationship

A Longing for Relationship

I’m caught in the struggle of how to balance relationships. I have to find the middle ground of reaching out to people, so that I can have the interaction I so desperately need, and not reaching out to people, because it gets so very exhausting…

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