God is Amazing

God is Amazing!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while… We won’t be writing on a regular basis anymore, but I think we’ll still be posting occasionally. The month of May has felt like a month of answered prayer for us! Our God is so good! The first thing…

Beautiful, Inspirational, and Biblical Desktop Backgrounds for Download

Inspiring and Biblical Backgrounds #2

As mentioned on Monday and Wednesday, due to the busyness of this week, we’ve decided to just throw some beautiful backgrounds that I made up here for your enjoyment. I also threw some up on Wednesday, if you’re interested. If you have any verses or…

None Like Him

None Like Him

It’s been on my mind lately, because of various things going on around me, that we can’t truely love and forgive others until we really understand how  much Christ loves and forgives us. Being able to do that for others requires us to meditate on…

Put on the New Self

Put on the New Self

We went over Colossians 3:1-17 with a friend recently. I noticed that this whole chapter seems to focus on one thing: putting to death our sins and putting on Christ. 

Where do we Find Our Joy?

Where Do We Find Our Joy?

Where do we look for our joy? Too often, I believe we look to our circumstances for our happiness. When things go well, we can feel good. When we succeed we feel accomplished, when people treat us well, we’re happy and can respond back kindly….