What Can Man Do? - Hebrews 13:6 Scripture Memory Song
What Do You Live For? - Galatians 1:10 Scripture Memory Song
Are We Throwing Temper Tantrums with God?

Are We Throwing Temper Tantrums?

Last night, my little Z was acting stubborn. We asked him to eat one bite of soup for dinner before leaving the table. He didn’t want to take that bite. He didn’t think he’d like it. He was determined to go his own way, and…

Missing Connections

Missing Connections

So I’ve thought about connections a lot. Deep Friendships. I don’t really feel like I’ve had many of those in my life. There have been points in time when I felt I had friends, and also points in time that I’ve felt starved because of…

It was Very Good - Genesis 1:31 Scripture Memory Verse Song