Who Will You Serve? – Joshua 24:24 Scripture Memory Song

Serve and obey God!

If you’re new here, each week we all learn about and memorize a Bible verse together. We’ve put the verse(s) into song to help you learn the verse and recall it during your day. If you’d like to see the archives of all the verses we’ve done so far, you can find our posts here and a list of all the YouTube videos here. We’ll also be giving a family update on what has happened in the past week.

Family Update

Our oldest son just finished off another year and is now 6 years old. It’s hard to believe that our baby boy is growing up so much so fast!

In other news, we’ve rearranged our living room, which opens it up quite a bit, but on the flip-side, also makes some of the furniture oriented in a way that makes it difficult to see the television, and we’ll have to temporarily rearrange when we have game nights and need to all huddle around one table. But the TV isn’t much of an issue, at least not for a while since we gave it up for Lent.

Scripture Memory Song

And the people said to Joshua, “The Lord our God we will serve, and his voice we will obey.”
Joshua 24:24 (ESV)


This verse serves as a good statement that we need to make to ourselves sometimes. We often (if not most of the time) stray and begin to follow our own selfish desires, serving ourselves and the things around us. All of this pulls us away from our God and drives a wedge between us. We need to put that wedge between us and the things that are pulling us away from God instead.

Remind yourself who it is that truly loves you – God our Father in heaven – and remember that he has set our purpose. We should serve and obey him because his will and purpose for the world is greater than anything else. When we serve anything else, we bring ruin to our world and the people in it rather than building it up. Let us renew our vow each day, each hour if we must, to serve and obey the Lord our God.

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