Know By Love

Known By Love

Living in a Christian culture, I’ve noticed something about it – We view sin as bad and following God as good, and we treat it as such. Which is good, until we start viewing people as their sin, and treating them as bad until we…

Loved Before Time

Loved Before Time

The other day I listened to a sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah titled “God Loved You Before You Were Born”. This series has been amazing and like the previous sermon on God’s love that I listened to by him, I decided to share my notes with…

Don't Let Life Keep You From Living
What Does "God is Love" Mean?

What Does “God is Love” Mean?

Recently I was listening to a sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah titled God is Love. I took notes and instead of trying to reword it into an article, I figured I’d just give you all the notes. People love bullets better than paragraphs anyway, right?…