We Are Heirs of His Promises - Hebrews 5-6 - Read. Write. Pray.
Finding Rest in the Son: Hebrews 1-4 - Read. Write. Pray.
The 1 Primary Lesson I Learned from 1 Peter: Humility
God's Word is Alive

God’s Word is Alive

How often do you dive into the Bible? I try to read every morning, or at least on weekdays, but is it enough? I don’t tend to feel God’s presence or prodding much when I read His Word, but then again, why should I? What’s…

Christ's Compassion for our Kids

Christ’s Compassion for our Kids

I’m tired. The idea in my head is that I need to lay down and get a nap, so I try to do so while my boys are playing downstairs. Then I hear my oldest say, “Uh-oh, he peed!” My son, who has been doing…