It was Very Good - Genesis 1:31 Scripture Memory Verse Song
Making New and Meaningful Christmas Traditions
Our Family Christmas Traditions

Our Family Christmas Traditions

Most people either put up a fake Christmas Tree, or buy or cut down a real tree. Last year, Joe and I decided to do something a little different. We drew a tree with our kiddos. It turned out to be pretty fun, and we…

Home Life Update

Home Life Update – December 2016

We have been wondering what to do about money. Because while we feel called to keep working on this blog, it’s not making enough money to support us, and that probably won’t change much any time soon. So we decided to have Joe start looking…

Wake Up Now

Wake Up, Now!

It was a morning where the kids were up so I had to get up, and Joe was continuing to sleep in, again. There are many days like this in our house: Joe sleeping in, while I’m up with the boys. He always seems to be…